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Laurion: the minerals in the ancient slags

Piet Gelaude,
Piet van Kalmthout,
Christian Rewitzer

Nijmegen, The Netherlands, 1996,
ISBN 90-9009240-4

194 pages,
all texts in the book are in four languages:
English, German, French and Dutch,
(A translation in Greek is available)
200 macroscopic photographs in full color.

Book design: Dick Nagtegaal, Nijmegen
Printed by Janssen Print, Nijmegen


1. Acknowledgements
2. Introduction
3. Topography
4. Rocks, ore deposits and minerals of Laurion
5. Mining in the Laurion
6. From galenite to litharge, slags, silver and lead
7. Slags and slags minerals
8. Slag locations
9. Technical description of photos
10. Chemical classification of the 99 known slag minerals
11. Crystal illustrations
12. Photos and descriptions of the slag minerals.

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Piet van Kalmthout